When a registered user logs into ClassMarker, they can see any tests you have Assigned to their Group/s. Go to the Links section, expand the Link you would like to delete and select ‘Settings’. You can either delete individual user results one-by-one, or you can delete a groups results . Try changing the FONT to a font rocketdrivers.com that supports all the characters in your .CSV file. Try changing the “character set” setting to UTF-8 when opening the .CSV file in your Spreadsheet program. Try changing the FONT to a font that supports all the characters in your export file.

  • The best two sites to check for this is Downdetector or Outage.Report.
  • Let’s begin with the first method, which is dragging the shortcut directly to the Recycle Bin.
  • In the new window, enter the file name, choose the folder and desired image format.

You can do so by pressing the Win button + I. Arrange your icons in the order you want them to appear. Click on “Desktop Icon Settings” in the right menu under “Related Settings.” This should bring up a new setup window. For more info on available support options, see this article. Would you be interested in learning more about the benefits of your plan? You can check out Basic here or search for Dropbox Plus.

Winsock Reset

Secondly, a deadline to do something otherwise the account will be disabled doesn’t align with the company’s practices. Furthermore, there is a grammar error in the wording, namely the part that says, “Your account will permanently disabled”. Apple wouldn’t send any messages written so carelessly. And again, yet another giveaway is the URL of the linked-to web page – it’s not really iforgot.apple.com, although the anchor text is correct. What happens next depends on how you set up your Apple ID in the first place — which probably means when you set it up. You can be prompted to enter your trusted phone number to start the change password process, for instance. It is not very pleasant to lose your Apple ID. If you have locked Apple ID, this article will enable you to unlock your Apple ID disabled account.

How Do I Sync Files Using My Idrive Account?

We entered the correct passcode and, as it did when we entered the passcode in the “lock” scenario, the computer began to process…and process…and process. We watched the MacBook Pro show us the spinning beach ball for almost three hours before we gave up and performed a hard reboot of the system. To see how far we could go, we then pulled the system drive and connected it to another Mac with a SATA to USB adapter. The drive mounted and we were able to see the data on the system drive, and copy it to another drive if necessary. The iCloud “lock” feature, therefore, is not secure if the individual in possession of your Mac has the skills or time to physically pull the hard drive.

This RAM type will keep data for users after their devices are powered off. The computer will complete a new installation of the operating system with factory settings. Once the process has been completed, go to the Disk Utility menu in the top left corner of the screen and click Quit Disk Utility. Second, if you want to sell or gift your Mac, you probably want to clean it first. This way, no one will be able to access your private files. From the macOS Utilities window, choose Reinstall macOS. Make sure to back up any data you want to keep.