About Us

Sweet Chix is a chef owned and operated kitchen. We hire local, buy local and LIVE local. We take pride in our community and we are here for the long run! In our kitchen, nothing goes to waste, we use everything down to the bone. Our food is ALWAYS fresh, and due to this we often sell out, so pre-order in advance to make sure you get your fried chicken!

A little about the Fried Chicken…

It is handmade daily, and everything is always cooked-to-order. It NEVER dries out under a heat lamp (we don’t even have one of those!) It is brined overnight in sweet tea, and then cooked to order with our lavender/thyme seasoned flour.

About the Owners

Sweet Chix Kitchen was born of the partnership between Sandra Makmann and Stevie Driscoll. Together, they make one remarkable pair. Over the last 8 years, Sandra has taken an already reputable local breakfast and lunch restaurant and brought it to another level of success. With a long line of business ownerships she’s the person behind the scenes who makes the businesses run smoothly. Stevie is the other half with the equally impressive cooking credentials.

Chef Stevie grew up in Stratham, NH. In school he studied English Literature with a minor in creative writing. He has a background in fine dining, “staged” at fine dining restaurants on the seacoast like Moxy and Stages.

He was a part of a secret chef collective hosted by Evan Hennessy (of Stages) and many other excellent restaurant owners in the area. He was a Chef de Cuisine of a fine dining Italian restaurant at only 24 years old, and opened his first restaurant concept at 27! He is an excellent Chef with great talent.